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/Where Christ is Central

Faith Development

At the heart of Central Wisconsin Christian is a focus on the nurturing and shaping of the faith of our students.  Since we partner with the Christian Home and the Christian Church, supporting and reinforcing a Christ-centered view of life and learning is the essence of CWC.  Students are immersed in faith-integrated learning and activities.  A CWC student will receive more than 2000 faith-integrated lessons over their years of Christian education, something that would take 40 years of Sunday School classes to match.

Prayer and devotional time are a part of every school day.  Each day begins with the classroom teacher and students examining God’s word and praying together.  Many classrooms will have times of singing and praise as part of their regular routine, and each classroom ends the day with prayer before heading home.

Regular chapel services provide times of celebrating in praise, growing through speakers and challenges, and quiet times in individual and corporate prayer.  A highlight for our student body is the monthly W.O.W. (We Offer Worship), where together from preK-12 we join together for chapel.  Our senior class annually takes a retreat to focus on spiritual leadership at the start of the year.  Spiritual Emphasis Days bring in speakers and panelists to spend extended time examining how we can grow in our faith.

One of our parents shared the view of their child soon after they began attending CWC: “Mom, at my new school, we see Jesus everywhere!”