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Committee Contact Information

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Committee Contact Information

At Central Wisconsin Christian School, we thank God for all the great work done by our committees and the individuals that make up those committees.   The members of these committees are a combination of administrators, staff, Board members and society members.   Below, you will find a list of all Board standing committees and current ad hoc committees with their responsibilities.   The Board believes these committees are tremendous asset as they help advance the vision of the Board and provide information to the Board on how we as a school can better carry out our mission.

The Board values the input received from our society members.  If you have thoughts on how we can better advance the cause of Christian education in our communities, please contact the appropriate committee chairperson listed below.  We appreciate your constructive comments.

Standing Committees

Advancement Committee
Chair: Bob Jors

Athletic Committee
Chair:Josh Schaalma

Building & Grounds Committee
Chair: Mike Perry

Education Committee
Chair: Erin Wierenga

Executive Committee
Chair: Annie Syens

Finance Committee
Chair: Jared Oosterhouse

Foundation for Christian Education in Central Wisconsin
Chair: Mark Homan

PIA / TRIP Committee
Board Liaison: Erin Wierenga

Bargains Galore Thrift Store Committee
Chair: Alice Posthuma

Transportation Committee
Chair: Randall Greenfield

Technology Committee
Chair: Larry Van Den Berg