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Current Scholarships

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 3/1/2021
  • Amount: $1000
    • Compeer Financial believes in a strong future for agriculture and rural America. Compeer Financial’s High School Senior Scholarship Program awards $1,500 scholarships to students based on a combination of academic achievement, agricultural and community youth organization involvement and essay.

      Applicant Qualifications:

      • Resident of our 144 county territory
      • Graduating High School Senior
      • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale)
      • Designated agricultural major, interest in an agriculture-related field, or have an agriculture or rural background
      • Special consideration will be given to students of parents who do business with Compeer Financial

      To get an application or for more information click here


  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 3/15/2021
  • Amount: $1500
    • This is a scholarship that is available to any high school senior who is a resident of Dodge County and is pursuing a degree in nursing (The college must be an accredited school of nursing. Also pursing an LPN does not qualify you). Determination of scholarship recipient is based on Scholastic Achievement, Need, Leadership and Character. Applications can be picked up from Mrs. Schouten download from here.

      Please make sure all aspects of your scholarship are included!! Many kids have been disqualified because they failed to include their High School Transcript and College Registration.  

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 3/21/2021
  • Amount: $300/year, Total $1200
    • ALL high school seniors that RESIDE in Fond du Lac County can apply for this scholarship.

      For application click here or for more information visit the website.

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 3/26/2021
  • Amount: $500
    • Click here or a form to complete to be considered for this scholarship.
      • Each nominee must be a second semester senior.
      • Each nominee must have earned a varsity letter through athletic participation in WIAA sanctioned sports or been a manager of a varsity sport.
      • Each nominee must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
      • The individual shall exemplify excellence towards athletics, school, and community.
      • Consideration should be given where there is financial need.


  • Category: Statewide
  • Due Date: 3/26/2021
  • Amount: $300
    • The Fox River Valley Branch of the Wisconsin Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) provides scholarships to high school students who
      are pursuing degrees in Civil Engineering and/or a Civil Engineering related field.


      Category A: High School Senior Pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering

      • Enrolling full time in an ABET-accredited university or college for the fall 2020 semester.
      • Pursuing an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering.
      • U.S. citizen and Wisconsin resident.

      Category B: High School Senior Pursuing a degree in a Civil Engineering related field

      • Enrolling full time in a university, college, or technical school for the fall 2020 semester.
      • Pursuing an undergraduate degree relevant to Civil Engineering, but not specifically a Civil Engineering degree.
      • Pursuing an Associate’s Degree or related degree in Civil Engineering technology, Materials Science, or Surveying.
      • U.S. citizen and Wisconsin resident.

      For more information click here or the explanation letter.

      Click here for an application to complete on the computer.

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 3/31/2021
  • Amount: $500-$1000
    • Applications will be available from Mrs. Schouten or at

      1. The recipient must be a graduating senior from any public, parochial high school, or home school in Dodge County.
      2. The student must have applied to a two or four year accredited college or technical school that has a program leading to a degree or certification in the horticultural area. (Including -- horticulture, plant science, soil sciences, agriculture, environmental science,  landscaping, forestry or science education.)
      3. Submit the application form. 
      4. Provide two letters of recommendation. One letter should be from a teacher the applicant had within the past two years. A person to whom the applicant is well known may provide the second recommendation letter. These letters may be mailed by the person providing the recommendation directly to the scholarship committee chairperson, or included in the application package submitted by the applicant.
      5. The forms and recommendations must be mailed to the address listed on the application by April 1, 2021

      Questions can be directed to:



  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 4/1/2021
  • Amount: $1000
      Applicants must be accepted into a state-approved CNA training/certification program by May 31, 2021.
      Applicants must be a US resident and over the age of 18.

      To apply click here to fill out an application.

  • Category: Nationwide
  • Due Date: 4/2/2021
  • Amount: $500
    • To be considered for a Senior Foundation scholarship: 

      1) You must apply & be admitted to a Moraine Park associate/technical diploma - 28 or more credits.

      2) You must have a high school GPA of 2.75 or higher

      3) You must enroll in a minimum of 6 credits per semester. 


      Measurements that may be considered for awarding scholarships include academic and career goals, demonstrated financial need, academic standing, and leadership/community service experience.

      Senior Scholarship is due March 31, all other foundational scholarships are due May 16

      Website for information and to apply click here.

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 4/4/2021
  • Amount: $250-$3500
    • There is one scholarship for a student pursuing a FOUR YEAR COLLEGE degree, and one scholarship or a student pursuing a TECHNICAL COLLEGE degree. This organization emphasizes your participation in events in your school, church and community.


      Click here for application.

      Please turn in Application to the Counseling Office.

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 4/5/2021
  • Amount: $750
    • State Sen. Joan Ballweg is offering scholarships for qualifying high school seniors in her district. There will be offering up 12 $500 scholarships.

      According to a news release, scholarship eligibility is open to all graduating seniors continuing their education at a two-year technical college program or a four-year degree program. Students must graduate with at least a 3.0 average on a 4.0 point scale and reside in the 14th Senate District. (Map of district)

      Visit her website for instructions and application.

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 4/5/2021
  • Amount: $500
    • This is a scholarship for seniors who are residents of Dodge County and are pursuing a degree in some field of Special Education.  Students must also have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Applications are available from Mrs. Schouten or by visiting the ARC website.

      Digitally Complete Application

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 4/14/2021
  • Amount: $1000
    • Available to: Graduating Seniors of the Waupun Area School District, Central Wisconsin Christian Schools and District Home Schools. Students must excel in an arts area and intend to enroll in a college or university arts program. There will be two scholarships awarded. One in the area of visual arts, and one in the area of performing arts (band, choir, drama or dance).


      Students must return completed application, Sections I & II, to your High School Guidance Office. or send to Scholarship Coordinator, Lori Page, 512 Cochrane St. Waupun, WI. 53963. Teacher/Educator: Return Section III using same process.

      Click here for the application. You can also download the application from their website:

  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 4/16/2021
  • Amount: $500.00 (2)
    • Requirements:  This scholarship is available to students who are residents of Wisconsin, attending any University of Wisconsin school and participated in basketball as a player OR manager during their senior year.

      Applications are available at

  • Category: Statewide
  • Due Date: 4/30/2021
  • Amount: $5,000 (2 year programs) - $10,000 (4 year programs)
    • Mercury Racing relies on skilled individuals with a strong work ethic and passion to build and service our high-performance niche marine products. This scholarship program will help grow the local workforce by providing the education and tools needed to succeed.  

      These scholarships are available to high school seniors from a public or private high school within the school districts of Fond du Lac, North Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Mayville, Ripon, Rosendale-Brandon, Waupun, Oakfield, Lomira, Campbellsport, and New Holstein with an application deadline of April 30, 2021. 

      Additional scholarship criteria are:

      • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher  (must submit transcript).
      • Student must plan to receive education in trade-related field as a full-time student in the semester following high school graduation  

      • Must submit two (2) letters of recommendation from a teacher, advisor, employeror other professional reference.

      For more information and to complete the application click here.

      You will need to email your completed application, essay, transcript, and letters of recommendations to Mrs. Schouten will help you email all the documents if your teachers give you letters of recommendations in sealed envelopes.


  • Category: Local
  • Due Date: 4/30/2021
  • Amount: $5000
    • There are two scholarships available through Eastern Ridge Home Builders Association.  Students must reside in FDL, Dodge or Green Lake Counties.

      Joan M Vande Castle Scholarship is available to students who have completed high school and are enrolled in a formal program of higher education or an Apprenticeship Program for the following academic year. Open to high school seniors and those already enrolled in the formal higher education program may apply. Must be attending in one of the following related fields: Construction, Architecture, Building Trades (including Apprenticeship Programs), Engineering, Interior Design or other related fields of study relative to residential construction.

      David G Cook Scholarship:  available to post secondary building and trades students who have already completed one year of schooling. This scholarship is NOT available to high school seniors. Students must reside in Fond du Lac, Dodge, or Green Lake Counties.

      Applications are available from Mrs. Schouten or by visiting their website. You may also call 90.922.9067 or email for more information.

  • Category: Statewide
  • Due Date: 5/7/2021
  • Amount: varies $200+
    • This scholarship is for high school seniors, attending an accredited 2 year or 4 year college in the US, and who have experienced personal challenges that may not have allowed them to perform well academically (High GPA is not needed to qualify!)

      For applications visit their website.

      What is needed?  Students will need a completed application, high school transcript and 1-2 letters of recommendations.

  • Category: Nationwide
  • Due Date: 5/31/2021
  • Amount: $500-$1000
    • This is a scholarship for any financially deserving student going into either Freshman or Sophomore year. ALL applications are accepted. We are looking for any student who has a story to tell and has shown an ability to overcome obstacles in his/her life. Everyone has the ability to change the world. Tell us how you will and how White Glove’s funds will help you achieve your goal. To apply, visit . 

  • Category: Nationwide
  • Due Date: 7/15/2021
  • Amount: $1000
    • The scholarship has the following criteria:
      Applicants must be accepted into a state-approved Nurse Aide, CNA, or LNA training program by August 31st
      Applicants must be a United State resident and at least 18 years old.
      The scholarship winner will be determined once all entries have been reviewed. Applicants are selected on a variety of factors, including:
      Scholarship application delivery (attention to detail with answers, grammar, etc.)
      Your foundational reason for wanting to become a CNA
      Your reasons for wanting to be awarded this scholarship
      To apply click here to complete an application.
  • Category: Nationwide
  • Due Date: 8/21/2021
  • Amount: $500

Counseling Links

This link contains information pertaining to specific colleges.  Information such as placement testing and special visit days at colleges that students may be interested in visiting. If your college is not available, please see Mrs. Schouten.

This link contains information regarding scholarship opportunities that are available at the present. Site is updated whenever new scholarships are available

Click here to complete your FAFSA.

For help:
There are help buttons throughout the entire FAFSA application.
Life help is available from 8 am til Midnight.
By Phone:  1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243)
In Person:  School counselor or Financial Aid Director at the colleges you are applying to.



The college exploration process can be a wonderful experience of learning about yourself and how God has wired you, then pursuing an institution uniquely equipped to suit those interests and passions. While exploring these virtual booths and engaging with the reps from Christian colleges and universities, always look for your FIT.

F - FAITH: let God steer you in the right direction
I - INVESTMENT in your future: costs should not be the first concern
T - TEACHINGS: is this academically challenging

The Virtual Christian Colleges Fairs are free, easy, informative, and important to your college search.



Experience virtual campus tours, schedule interviews with admissions, and attend financial aid sessions! No matter where you are in the college search process, you can learn more about your options here!



Find out more information on Wisconsin Private Colleges.



  1. Start researching colleges and universities. Learn as much as you can about colleges online.  Learn about how to apply and what their application deadlines are.
  2. Develop a preliminary list of colleges that interest you. A list of 3-5 at the beginning of your senior year would be ideal.  
  3. Take / retake the ACT test (understand that some colleges are not requiring ACT for admissions for the class of 2021).
  4. Consider lining up a job shadow with someone whose job you are interested in. (if possible)
  5. Begin searching for scholarships. (Can sign up for



This website is devoted to helping parents and students through college and career exploration. There are some neat links to opportunities and websites that could be beneficial to students.



This website has some great options for searching for colleges that fit your major, interest etc. You can explore majors and colleges, as well as searching for scholarships. You will need to create an account or use the account information you used when you viewed your PSAT results.


Juniors and Seniors who have maintained a 3.0 GPA and are interested in being part of CWC's National Honor Society are asked to:

  1. Read the Eligibility Rules for CWC's National Honor Society
  2. Complete the application 

All applications must be typed. Please be sure to read the instructions at the top. Also, be sure to read the rules of selection as well as the rules needed to maintain your status as a National Honor Society Member. These rules are included in the application download. Seniors who were accepted last year, do not need to reapply as long as they have maintained the acceptable GPA and have not violated any co-curricular policies.


Click here for the rules and an application.


The NHS forms for Juniors and Seniors will be due March 1, 2021.



Students can retake 1 section of an ACT if they want.  Cost will be similar to taking the entire assessment.
Any test taken since September 2016 counts as a student's full test. They would then be eligible to do section retesting. 
You can take up to THREE section retests during one test event. 
For questions not answered here visit



CWC Juniors will take the ACT in Feb/Mar as a statewide school assessment. Juniors will take this during the school day at an off-campus location. Students can opt to take the test again to raise their scores.

The school will register students for the Feb/Mar date and parents/students will need to register if they choose to retest.  If help is needed to register, please see Mrs. Schouten. The best way to register for the ACT is to go to You will need your ACT ID number from your first test when you register for your retest.



  • Take rigorous challenging courses.
  • Take an ACT Test Prep Class. CWC Teachers have previously offered some test prep Saturdays in January and February to help prepare students for the ACT test. This will include brief content instruction and some test taking.
  • Students can purchase some ACT test prep books online. A recommended book is The Official ACT Test Prep Guide from the maker of the ACT test.
  • Use the PSAT test you took to prepare.
  • Go to the ACT test prep website.  There is an option for an online test prep site to provide you with testing preparation activities.



  1. Did you have problems during the test the first time? Were you sick? Did you not understand the directions?
  2. Do you think your scores are not an accurate picture of your academic ability based on your school grades and other standardized tests?
  3. Have you taken more challenging course work since the last test?
  4. Do you need to take the writing test for a specific college?


Below you will find links to a transcript form and a letter of recommendation form. These forms can be filled out using Microsoft Word, however, you will have to save them to your folder or flash drive.

The transcript form should be filled out and handed to either Mrs. Homan or to Mrs. Schouten. To ensure proper delivery of your transcript, please fill out completely.

The letter of recommendation form is an optional form that you can use when asking teachers to fill out letters of recommendation for you. This form will help the teacher of your choice to write the best letter of recommendation for you as possible.




Working to offer emotional health screening to every student in the FDL area before age 18.

During the 2020-21 school year, Central Wisconsin Christian will partner again with the Fond du Lac Area YScreen Program to offer all 9th graders a free and confidential emotional health screen.

Central Wisconsin Christian & the FDL Area YScreen believe that no student should suffer in silence when help is available. Emotional health problems can interfere with academic success, relationships, and overall happiness. Programs like YScreen are important because one out of five teens struggles with emotional health concerns and two out of three teens do not receive treatment for their emotional health problems.

Research shows that often parents are unaware of their teens’ emotional health problems. The YScreen Program is a free, confidential program for our youth and is available to upper class students by referral.

For more information, please ask Mrs. Schouten or Mr. Buteyn.



Yscreen Website
Parental Consent Forms
Yscreen Brochure



Helping your Child Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic
Suggestions for Sustaining Resilience during the COVID-19 Response


Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


Whether you are going through a nationwide crisis such as Covid-19, or a personal situation, it is VERY IMPORTANT to think about all aspects of your health. Below are some tips to help when you find yourself struggling. Some of the following have come from Christian author Josh McDowell and another well-known author Dr. Henry Cloud.



Practice Gratitude
There is a lot of evidence to prove that by focusing on gratitude, a person can improve their psychological health and get rid of harmful emotions. Be grateful for all the blessings in your life - write them down if you need to.  Keep adding to this list. When you find yourself down, reread the list you have written.

Spend Time in God’s Word and Prayer



Get Outside
Spend time in God's creation. There is more and more research to prove the benefits psychologically and cognitively of getting out in nature on a regular basis. Research points to possible stress reduction and increase in attention abilities.

Movement and/or Exercise
While you are outside, take a walk, ride a bike.  Exercise releases chemicals in our body called endorphins. These are our God-given natural "feel good" chemicals.  When released in your brain and body, these will help improve your emotions and outlook on situations.

Find songs that have a relaxing beat or positive words that just bring a smile to your face.

Calming Strategies
Sometimes we might need a little more help in calming ourselves or others in difficult situations. Below are a few simple and common strategies. If you have questions about any, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Schouten. These are strategies she will use with students on a regular basis. Parents, it is GREAT for kids to see you using your own strategies for calming down when necessary!

  • Deep Breathing Exercises - five finger breathing, figure 8 breathing, pretend to smell roses and blow out hard stubborn candles and many others. 
  • Imagine yourself at your most favorite place. Could be snuggled in your bed or favorite chair. It could possibly be a favorite warm sandy beach. Ask yourself what do you feel, see, and hear while you are in this place.
  • A fun activity for kids is to name animals that begin with each letter of the alphabet: alligator, bear, cat, deer, elephant, ...
  • Squeezing something tight or even yelling/screaming into a pillow can be a stress relief for some people.
  • Grounding Exercise: Go through your 5 senses. Identify 5 things you see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.
  • Progressive Relaxation: Starting with the muscles in your toes. Tighten them, count to 5 slowly, release them slowly. Go to the next muscles in your whole foot. Tighten them while you count to 5 slowly, release them counting to 5 slowly. Continue this as you focus on each muscle in your body up to your neck, head, eyes, and cheeks. If need be, come back down hitting each muscle again. If you do this intentionally and slowly it is a great relaxation method to use.



Get Good QUALITY Sleep
This really could be at the top of the list. Too often we focus on the amount of sleep, not quality of sleep. Sleep in a room free from technology distractions. This is SO SUPER important for kids! Whether they are on their phones or tablets or not, the lights or notifications are enough to mess with sleep cycles, experts say!


According to the US Department of Education, 80% of middle and high school students want to go to college, but many of them don't know how to find the help and resources to get there. KnowHow2Go is a website that can help students in grades 8-10 find the information they need.