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2020 Girls Volleyball Camp

Camp Director: Dan Ten Napel:  Head Coach

dtennapel@wearecwc.org / 920-344-2645


DATES:           Tuesday, July 21- Friday, July 24

                        Grades 6, 7, 8, & 9        9:00 AM           –          11:30 AM

                        Grades 3, 4, and 5         12:00PM           --          2:00 PM

Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12   6:00 PM           –          9:00 PM

                        ** Grades are for the fall of the 2020-2021 school year**

                        - 9th graders are encouraged to attend middle school and high school sections.

PHILOSOPHY:  This volleyball camp is designed to teach basic and advanced fundamentals of volleyball for all age and skill levels.  Coach Ten Napel's staff will utilize years of coaching experience on the grade school and high school level to help each individual improve and to teach them how to continue to improve after camp has concluded. 

CAMP FEATURES:                Camp T-shirts               Competitive scrimmages

Instant feedback by coaches       Hitting Instruction        Passing & Serving

Individual & team defense         Individual workouts      Contests & awards

REGISTRATION:    Registrations for Monday Night Camp should be in before you attend your first night.  Registration for the July 21-24 camp should be in by FRIDAY, July 10th, 2019.  Late registrations may not receive the camp t-shirt.

CAMP COST:   $ 50.00           (School web site: www.wearecwc.org)

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NAME __________________________             GRADE 2020-2021 _______     HEIGHT ________

ADDRESS _______________________             CITY ________________          ZIP ____________

PRIMARY PHONE ___________________                   EMAIL_________________________________

SECONDARY PHONE ____________________SCHOOL LAST YEAR ___________________

T-SHIRT SIZE (circle one):  Youth Sizes:    M    L       Adult Sizes:    S    M    L    XL    XXL

Checks may be made payable to:  Dan Ten Napel             Send to:  Daniel Ten Napel

                                                                                      230 Carrington St.

                                                                                      Waupun, WI.  53963

PARENT’S STATEMENT:  In case of an accident or emergency, I hereby authorize the camp directors to act according to their best judgment in a medical emergency.  I accept full responsibility for liability and the cost of treatment.

PARENT SIGNATURE _____________________________________ DATE ______________

                                    FEEL FREE TO INVITE A FRIEND!!!