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“Teaching children to glorify God and serve in His world” is the heart and soul of Central Wisconsin Christian.  It’s why thousands of children from preK-12th grade have passed through the doors of our school since we began operations in 1948.  It’s why our constituency of Christian parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends of Christian education continue to prayerfully support CWC as a place where faith and learning interconnect in classrooms and labs, rehearsal stages and athletic fields, chapels and performances to acknowledge that Christ is Central.  More than thirty churches from a dozen denominations send kids to CWC for a biblically-based Reformed perspective that is focused on developing and celebrating God’s gifts and growing and nurturing faith.

What are others saying about CWC?

"CWC is the most amazing place—your child will be well cared for academically, spiritually, and socially.  If you’re at a school where your just a number, at this place you are someone special.  You feel like you belong here—it’s like a family, it’s a community.  What’s going on here is rare—where people care about what’s going on in your heart ." -- CWC Parent

"In science we see everything from that one-celled paramecium  to the huge galaxies of stars reflect the intricacy and awesomeness of our God and his created order and hand throughout His world." -- CWC Teacher

"CWC equipped me with a solid foundation that supported what I received at home, and then gave me the opportunity to probe deeper into my faith in a safe place surrounded by other Christians.   I continue to be blessed by the preparation and impact of my CWC education yet today." -- 2007 CWC Alumnus