Central Wisconsin Christian School

Where Christ is Central

Admission Process (K-12)

All Christian parents and guardians are encouraged an invited to apply for enrollment to Central Wisconsin Christian.  Here are the steps to becoming a part of the CWC family:

  1. Inquiry – All new family inquires are directed to the Director of Advancement.
  2. Campus Tour/Interview – This tour/interview is required  for enrollment at CWC.  Call 920.318.1349 to schedule an appointment. 
  3. Application – Return the completed application form along with a Pastor's Reference, copy of student transcrips/grading reports, behavioral reports, and testing data. Information should be returned to the Advancement Office.
    a. At least one parent/guardian must be actively involved in a Bible-believing, Christ-confessing church and personally committed to Christ.
    b. Enrollment contract includes a statement of agreement with the Mission Statement and School Philosophy and Purpose.
  4. Review – The Administrative Team will review the application materials and, if necessary, schedule a follow-up interview with the Administrator. Students who are transferring due to academic, social, or behavioral difficulty in another school may have probationary guidelines prescribed for conditional enrollment for a quarter or semester.
  5. Confirmation – A letter or phone call of acceptance will be directed to new families, welcoming them into the Central Wisconsin Christian School family!
  6. Testing– Students may be tested for appropriate grade placement.