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“Stand in the Gap”

Our theme for our annual Sharing the Promise campaign this year is “Stand in the Gap”.  This theme properly characterizes the opportunity that we have to faithfully support CWC and all it stands for.  As we take a moment to reach out to you for this important campaign, we also want to provide an update on the education and spiritual training that takes place each day on our campus.  In the classroom and outside of the classroom in our co-curricular activities, faculty and staff are helping students make the connections between learning, service, and a Christ-centered world view that will prepare them for a lifetime of Kingdom citizenship.  Thank you for your prayers and support!
Tuition and reimbursements annually cover 75% of the overall costs of operation at Central Wisconsin Christian.  The gap between tuition and full cost of education is filled through our Development funds.  Bargains Galore Thrift Store continues to be a tremendous blessing to the families of CWC, annually contributing $240,000.  Cumulatively in its 14-year history, Bargains Galore has given more than $4 million in tuition relief to our families!
The Harvest Auction raises another $100,000 to fill this funding gap, funds from our Foundation for Christian Education in Central Wisconsin Christian and the Golf Outing chip in another $15,000 apiece, while the Sharing the Promise Annual Fund Campaign is relied upon to raise another $100,000.
 We are asking you to consider a gift of significance so that we can end this year with a positive balance in our budget.  Please prayerfully consider as a Friend of CWC how you can invest in the Kingdom and share God’s blessings with the kids of Central Wisconsin Christian. Each day in our classrooms, labs, rehearsal rooms, and playing fields teachers connect faith and learning to life in powerful ways that prepares kids to glorify God and serve in His world.