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Central Wisconsin Christian is governed by a 12-member Board that is elected to three-year terms by the supporting constituency at the annual meeting in April.  Our Board members are parents and supporters of our mission of Christ-centered education.  The Board holds its meetings on the third Monday of each month.  Standing committees of the Board are the Executive, Education, Finance, Advancement, Transportation, and Athletic Committees, many of which include representatives of parents, staff, and Board working together to continually help CWC be a great school.

Andrea Buwalda ('03)
Andrea Buwalda ('03)

Andrea Buwalda (’03) and her husband Kevin (’03) live on an acreage west of Waupun. They are members of Waupun I CRC, where Andrea has been a co-chair for Vacation Bible School and served on the Education Team and other committees. Andrea & Kevin have been very active with the Harvest Auction Leadership Team, beginning their second term of service. Andrea is a Randolph native and former middle school Enlgish teacher at CWC, who currently substitutes as she stays home to raise her children Kolten (2nd), Morgan (Kindergarten), and Kase. “I love that, in all ways, my children see Christ in their daily classroom activities. I still get chills when I see them attending chapels with the whole school body, and see that the staff wholeheartedly care for my children. I am excited to see how positive changes can be made for the school when a need arises. Christian education is so important to our family because of how it builds on what is taught in our home. Our school is a place where we can prepare of children to be loving, giving, and faithful followers.” Luke Lentscher

Mark Buwalda ('97)

Mark Buwalda (’97) is a life-long resident of the Waupun area. He and his wife Rachelle have four children attending CWC – Shelby (8th), Tabitha (5th), Dylan (3rd), and Trayton (1st). Mark is a Resource Management Associate with Covance Laboratories in Madison, where he supervises performance management for his team. They attend Bethel CRC in Waupun where he has served as a deacon and treasurer. “I appreciate the great Christian education I received at CWC and that my kids are now receiving. I was more than prepared when I graduated. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with passionate Board members ‘in the trenches’ of the Board. Christian education is so important because children can see/learn from Christian teachers about how God and faith tie in to every subject they learn about. In a world where see increasing obstacles to faith/prayer in school, I treasure the Christian school for nurturing my child’s faith!”

Luke Lentscher ('01)

Luke Lentscher (’01) grew up in Fox Lake and attended Randolph Christian School before graduating from CWC. He is a Physician Assistant at the Watertown Regional Medical Center, and lives in Beaver Dam with his wife, Rebecca (’02). The Lentscher’s attend Edgewood Community Church in Waupun, and are the parents of Linnea (2nd), Olivia (Kindergarten), Cooper. Luke has served on a Leadership Committee at a hospital he worked at previously and as a deacon in his church. “I look forward to the opportunity to help CWC grow and develop as a school while maintaining their commitment to high-quality Christian education. I had the privilege of attending CWC and now enjoy that same privilege for our kids, and appreciate the hard work, dedication and commitment of the teachers and staff. As it says in Proverbs 22:6, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ It is our responsibility to help our children learn and grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We feel Christian education is effective at all three of these goals.”

Jared Oosterhouse ('00)
Jared Oosterhouse ('00)

Jared (’00) and Tessa Oosterhouse live just outside of Waupun with their kids Ella (Kindergarten), Drew (3K), and Nora. Jared grew up in Waupun, and graduated from Marian University with a degree in Accounting & Management. He worked for three accounting firms in the Madison area for several years, and currently in his sixth year serving the dual roles of Finance Director/Treasurer for Waupun Utilities and the City of Waupun. Jared and Tessa attend Bethel CRC in Waupun, where he has served as a deacon and treasurer and was part of the Church Building Expansion. “I am grateful for the Christian education I received at CWC and I’m thankful my children have the same opportunity at CWC. I appreciate the loving and caring teachers and staff, and love knowing my children are in a learning environment where they hear God’s Word, pray, and worship every day. This is an exciting time for CWC, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity of serving on the Board and getting to know the Crusader family better. Christian education is so important because it teaches our children a biblical worldview of where God’s hand is at work in all things and that Jesus calls them to live for Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. CWC is not only a place, but a community of believers where our children can grow and develop in their faith and knowledge.”

Mike Vander Berg
Mike Vander Berg

Mike Vander Berg and his wife, Bonnie (’89) have lived in Waupun for the past two decades and attend First CRC. Mike grew up in Sioux Center, Iowa, graduating from Unity Christian in 1989 and Dordt College in 1993, while also receiving his masters’ degree from St. Cloud State. After teaching math in Prinsburg, MN, and at CWC, he moved into the technology business world, holding leadership positions in several companies before starting his own company in 2003. At present he is the owner of Dynamic Internet Solutions, LLC. Mike has served a term as a deacon and two as an elder at First CRC, and previously served on the CWC Board, including two years as President. Their sons Lucas (’14) and Dylan (’16) graduated from CWC, while Miranda is a junior. “The opportunity to create vision for the future of CWC and help make that vision a reality excites me about serving on the Board. First and foremost we see having our children learn about the world from a Christian worldview as an imperative. Beyond that we really appreciate the rigorous academics and the family atmosphere of the society. The staff is passionate about the school’s vision, and we are blessed by how children are taught to see how faith affects every aspect of life.”

Curt Vlietstra
Curt Vlietstra

Curt and Jen Vlietstra live in Waupun, and are the parents of current students Jake (sophomore), Cade (8th grade), and Bryce (5th). Curt is a native of rural Orange City, IA. After high school he attended Northwestern College and completed his undergraduate work at South Dakota State University before earning his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University. For more than a decade Curt worked as a veterinarian in Southwest Minnesota before moving to his current position as a Professional Services Dairy Veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health. He has served on Church Council and as a business owner in Minneosta. The Vlietstra’s attend Bethel CRC in Waupun. “We love the Christ-centered approach to both classroom education and community involvement, as well as the intimacy of interactions with the staff and other families. As temporary stewards of a world becoming more secular, Christian education helps us to reinforce the values that are taught at home and in church, as well as preparing our children for their roles as Christian citizens when they eventually leave our homes. I’m excited about being more involved in the present and future of CWC, learning more about how CWC operates and providing insight as needed.”

Mitch Greenfield ('88)

Mitch Greenfield (’88) and his wife, Terri, are residents of Waupun where they attend Bethel CRC. Mitch grew up on a dairy farm west of Waupun near Markesan, and after graduation from CWC moved on to Trinity Christian College where earned a degree in Business Administration. Throughout his career, Mitch has been in the banking industry, and currently is in his 11th year at National Exchange Bank & Trust where he serves as the Assistant Vice President for Agricultural Lending. Mitch and Terri are the parents of Lucas (4th) and Owen (2nd). Mitch has served as a deacon at Bethel CRC, is a past president of the Mayville Rotary, and has been involved on board positions for the Union Youth Center and Badgerland Youth For Christ.
“I remember my dad serving on the board when I was in elementary school. I look forward to having that same opportunity to use the gifts that God has blessed me with to serve on the CWC Board. I appreciate the Christ-centered education our sons are receiving, and want them to have a firm foundation in Christ. Christian education begins in the home, but is put in action in the school. I appreciate the commitment of the administration, faculty, and coaches to the students.”

Lisa Hull ('97)
Lisa Hull ('97)

Lisa Hull (’97) grew up in the Fox Lake area, and attended Randolph Christian and CWC. She and her husband, Nick, currently live near Fox Lake along with their children Faith (5th) and Ryan (2nd). After graduation, Lisa earned her degree in accounting from Moraine Park Technical College. While she is a stay at home mom, she also is engaged in several part-time jobs, handling the bookkeeping responsibility for Hoekstra’s Market & Greenhouse (operated by her parents) and Hoekstra’s Sweet Corn, which is owned by Nick and her brother. Lisa & Nick are active at Bethel CRC, where she also serves as bookkeeper. In addition, she served on the Finance Committee at CWC from 2013-2017. “I am excited to be on the Board to help CWC continue to grow and flourish. My time on the Finance Committee opened my eyes to the operation side of the school, and I look forward to helping with decisions to impact our kids’ future. I love CWC, and I’m so glad we have the opportunity for our kids to attend here, especially the fact that Christ is central to EVERYTHING that happens at CWC. I see it in the way kids are taught and in how staff interact with kids and parents. We love knowing that where we send our kids every day matches the environment we have at home.

Dale Jansen

Dale and Jean (’88) Jansen live in Waupun, and are the parents of Crusader alums Tyler (’11) and Luke (’14), while Claire is a junior and member of the Class of 2019. A native of Orange City, Iowa, Dale graduated from Northwestern College and or the last 28 years he has been a part of Central Cable Contractors, Inc. in Waupun, serving currently as the Chief Executive Officer. The Jansen’s are members of First CRC in Waupun, where Dale has served as a deacon. Dale has served three terms on the CWC Board, including serving as Vice President and chairman of Building & Grounds, and he and Jean together served a key role on the Building Expansion Leadership Team tied to our campaign to unify our campus. In the community, Dale is a past president of the Board of the Christian Home and Assisted Living Center, serving eight years on that leadership team.
“Serving on the CWC Board gives a great opportunity to serve in God’s Kingdom through an organization that is very dear to our hearts. We appreciate that Central Wisconsin Christian has a focus where everything is done from a Christian perspective. The partnership that exists with the school families and the church is such an important part in raising our children in Christian principles and values.”

Brett Bille

Brett Bille and his wife, Emily, live in Waupun where they attend Bethel CRC. Brett attended Waupun Christian School for grades K-8 and is a life-long resident of Waupun. He is a Facility Support Specialist for Grande Cheese Company. They are the parents of Brant (4th), Brynn (2nd), and Bryce (Kindergarten). Brett is a familiar face to kids in our community where he has served as a baseball, softball, and basketball coach in youth programs. He has served as a deacon at Bethel CRC and presently serves with Emily on the Auction Leadership Team.
“I am looking forward to working with the staff and teachers to continue to make this the best education for our children by serving in this role. Knowing that my children and learning in an environment that is Christ-centered and support the values Emily & I have in our home is a great feeling. We are blessed to have the teachers care and pray for our children each day and show love to them.”